Hernan Cortes Advertsing

Hernan Cortes Advertsing

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This project is about a historical spokesperson advertising a product from today. There are drawbacks if there’s a pitch person from today that advertises. One drawback is that if the pitch person does something bad, less people will buy the product. An example of this drawback, is when it was rumored that Lance Armstrong was using drugs like steroids so Nike didn't want him to advertise for them anymore. The drawbacks about it is that both, the company and Lance Armstrong lost money. Benefits of having a historical pitch person as an advertiser is that they won't ruin their reputation since they aren't alive anymore. Another benefit of having a pitch person is that they won't be able to cause any controversy with the social media and it won't cause any problems for the advertising product. Hernan Cortes’ advertising product is Planters Mixed Nuts because he explored a lot and mixed nuts are really helpful when traveling.
Planter’s Mixed Nuts is a snack food that contains a variety of nuts. They have peanuts, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, peanut oil and sea salt. Small business began in 1906 would grow into the world’s nut company. Some of the cultural and social values represented by this product are healthy living. The brand Planters has a unique combination of good fats, dietary fiber, and vitamins and minerals, nuts makes a delicious addition to any healthy eating plan. The target audience for this product would be for people from ages 13 and up. Finally,the other target audience for Planters Mixed Nuts would also be for people that like the outdoors.
Hernán Cortés was born in 1485 in Medellín, western Spain. He initially studied law but left university to make his fortune in the Americas.He was a Spanish adventurer who conquered what is now central and southern Mexico. His seizure of land, power, and wealth made him the greatest Spanish conqueror in the Americas. Cortes military success led to 300 years of Spanish control over Mexico and Central America. After his victory over the Aztecs, Cortés faced challenges to his authority and position. He traveled to Honduras in 1524 to stop a rebellion against him in the area. In 1541, Cortés returned to Spain an embittered man and retired to an estate near Seville where he died on 2 December 1547. Some values of hernan Cortes are gold and glory. Another thing Hernan Cortes valued was the Conquistador’s formula.

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The conquistador’s formula was a series of steps that was used by the Spaniards taken to conquer an Indigenous nation. Hernan Cortes represents some similar values as Planters because they were both both very known in the beginning but as the years passed they accomplished their goals. They also went through a lot and traveled to other countries so they spreaded cultural diffusion. The target audience will find Hernan Cortes appealing because he was an explorer, so if you go to the outdoors then it would be a similarity between them. Another reason why the target audience will find him appealing is because he was strong, and if you eat Planters mixed Nuts it can give you a lot of protein that helps the body to build muscle. The other reason why they would find him appealing is because the people who like to travel will connect with him because Planters Mixed Nuts is a great snack whenever someone is on the go.
These are all the reason why Hernan Cortes would be a great advertiser for Planters Mixed Nuts. Another historical pitch person that could've been picked would be Christopher Columbus because he was also an explorer and he could connect with this product as well. The reason why picking Hernan Cortes for our historical pitch person is because additionally for being an explorer; he is also a Spanish Conquistador as well. Another reason, why Hernan is the best choice is because not a lot know about him compared to Christopher so if he advertises more people will know about him, and about what he did in his life. Hernan would be a great for Planters Mixed Nuts because he accomplished many things. Additionally, he also traveled to many countries.

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