Essay on Hatshepsut: Fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

Essay on Hatshepsut: Fifth Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt

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Hatshepsut had little to fear when she claimed the throne as Egypt’s King in the Eighteenth Dynasty. She did not commit acts of Hubris or infernal behaviors towards her stepson Thutmosis III. On the contrary, to the belief that she was a wicked stepmother and a usurper, she protected Thutmosis III’s succession to the throne. When her husband/brother, the former king Thutmosis II died unexpectedly and left Hatshepsut with the infant successor. She dutifully protected her families’ name-claim to the throne when she became Pharaoh. Thutmosis III was still a child when she decided to succeed her husband. Thutmosis III’s biological mother was not fit to be regent to her son because of her low status. However Hatshepsut, his stepmother had the capabilities and the know how to train Thutmosis III for being the next Pharaoh. In the meantime, Egypt needed a Pharaoh. Since she was the remaining daughter of the war general and King Thutmosis I, she made a smart political move and made herself King. Hatshepsut figured it was she who qualified to be Pharaoh, make Thutmosis III her co-regent, and maintain peace. Furthermore, she wanted to avoid a potential power struggle for the throne. Foreign powers such as the Hyksos were longing to retake Egypt as they had in the Seventeenth Dynasty. A child-king would not be able to maintain Egypt’s defenses, but a daughter of a war general and Pharaoh certainly could be the next Pharaoh and maintain peace overall Egypt.
The Egyptian Royal Court Life, the environment in which Hatshepsut was raised followed an ancient tradition of an appointed male Pharaoh over Upper and Lower Egypt. He would be a man of great militaristic features, the bridge between the gods and the human world as well as a ...

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