Harry Potter Fan Forums Will Be Executed Essay

Harry Potter Fan Forums Will Be Executed Essay

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Through this paper, an analysis of Harry Potter fan forums will be executed. The analysis of this online audience will demonstrate how Harry Potter fans have used online communities, particularly those created through fan fiction and fan forums, as a means of self-expression. Concepts such as Gwenllian-Jones main text, subtext, and reading against the grain, Hill’s participatory culture, and Jenson’s fandom pathologies, and obsession, will demonstrate how Harry Potter fans, or Potterheads as they are referred to, have kept the magic of the books alive, well after the series ended.
According to Gwenllian-Jones, most media messages contain a main text, as well as a subtext. The main text pertains to the actual words, pictures or sounds contained within a media message, while the subtext refers to the hidden, and underlying meaning of the message (Thrift, 2015). In the context of Harry Potter, there isn’t an evident homosexual relationship within the series. On these forums, online audiences have voiced their opinions and thoughts on the nature of the same-sex relationships within the series, and portray these relationships in slash fanfiction. Slash fanfiction is, generally speaking, a genre of fan fiction that depicts the attraction and sexual relationship between fictional characters that are of the same sex (TVTropes, 2007).
The main text of Harry Potter implies that Albus Dumbledore was a father figure to Potter. While reading the Harry Potter series, fans can pick up on key moments in which Harry, the boy who lost his parents while he was only a baby, is mentored by Dumbledore and taught a variety of things about his past and his destiny. All of these key moments point towards a fatherly relationship between the two, a relatio...

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...d in these online communities.
The cult of celebrities provides archetypes and icons with which alienated souls can identify (1992, p. 10). According to Jenson, some blame media influence for fan obsessions by saying that its because of the emphasis on the personal lives of celebrities that some fans get so obsessed, it blurred the line between what is appropriate and inappropriate (1992, p. 10). One forum user says that she was shocked when she saw Daniel Radcliffe without his glasses, because she associated Daniel strictly as Harry Potter. The same user says that one reason for her obsession is because the actors who portray the characters are so handsome, and thus “dating material” (HPFF, 2010). This online fan is an example of how the personal life of a celebrity is the reason that some fans become so invested and obsessed with the real or fictional character.

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