Essay about Harmful Effets of Photoshop

Essay about Harmful Effets of Photoshop

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Harmful Effects of Photoshop
The crafty tool called photoshop is used by nearly every tech savvy person in the country. The biggest contenders have to be ads; every advertisement contains at least one form of photoshop. Granted, it is used for a long list of reasons; to fix lighting, crop something out, even to add a funny background. This tool can virtually fix anything but what happens when it begins to harm more than it helps? Lately it has shown that the images changed or “improved” by photoshop has caused harm amongst our society. There has to be something down about this problem before other people get hurt. The Federal Government has to do its duty and stop this harm by issuing laws limiting the use of photoshop.
Photoshop can come in quite handy and it is useful when trying to perfect an image. Architects, fashion designers, web designers all use photoshop in their careers daily but there is a line and some people cross it. When using photoshop on a person to “perfect” the image the editors get quite drastic; in a recent cover for rolling stone Katy Perry was shown sitting on a bed in just a bra and underwear, seems like the average cover right? Well yes it is like every other magazine except this one had its pre-photoshop cover leaked as well.

In the above picture we can see that the editors of this photoshop slimmed katy down, enhanced her breasts, removed moles, made her skin look glossy, and the even removed the sock on her right leg. Its this nit picking that causes harm to our society and to our communities. (Eisinger)
Its seems as though everyday we hear of another young girl committing suicide because she felt worthless. Even more of these girls develop an eating disorder in order to look like the women in the...

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