Hard Work, Simplicity And Can Do Attitude Are Few Of The Qualities Essay

Hard Work, Simplicity And Can Do Attitude Are Few Of The Qualities Essay

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Hard work, simplicity and can-do attitude are few of the qualities which define @Saxena Abhinav (RBEI/EBA18). An ardent Batman fan, he embodies few of the qualities of his super-hero. He is humble and compassionate and has superhuman persistence when it comes to his missions. He however, inherits few self-destructive qualities of Batman too. He doesn’t stop when his body tells him to, there have been multiple occasions where he has been completely worn out both mentally and physically but kept going on to achieve his task.

Abhinav is also someone who takes the bull by its horns. Earlier this year he decided to get in shape before his sister’s wedding, which was due in a month’s time. Weeks of eating out late at the night (read 1am) after office at Empire, during his SHE+ project days hadn’t helped his cause either.

(Let me know if you too feel Empire is the most overhyped good, bad restaurant in Bangalore and I will provide you a late night alternative.) -Pardon my acquired vocabulary from Mr. Vennu Mallesh.


His approach was simple. He ran 10kms every day for a month and got in shape before the big day arrived, to fit into his custom made suit.

^ I had to pester him for days to get a pic of his.

For the Gradgrinds who wouldn’t take my word about the guy’s qualities, I have testimonial from people who have been closely associated with Abhinav during his tenure at Bosch.

@Badiger Manohar (RBEI/EBB2), who has seen Abhinav from the day he joined office says a striking quality which he observed in Abhinav, which is unusual in freshers (I guess he was referring to me Tongue) is that he possessed brilliant listening skills. He was always eager to listen and absorb and this lead ...

... middle of paper ...

... across Ban, Cob, Germany.

•Patent at 25 years of age, how does it feel?

-Feels amazing given the early rejections we faced as a team and amount of time it took from concept to being filed i.e 1.5 years.

•What advice you have for younger associates?

-Not the correct person to be taking advice from, but since I have to answer “Give your best and enjoy your work without taking stress”


•From one GOT fan to another, what’s the one fan theory which you want to come true in season 7?

-J=R+L is almost confirmed in this season , the theory that Tyrion is Daenerys’ brother(not blood related) is the one I want to be true and also for Jon , Tyrion and Dany to be the 3 heads of dragon.

For me Abhinav has been my food guide , consultant and a very dear friend. I wish him all the success in future.

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