The Harbor House : An Organization For Victims And Families Of Domestic Violence

The Harbor House : An Organization For Victims And Families Of Domestic Violence

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Harbor House is an outreach organization for victims and families of domestic violence here in heart of Central Florida. This organization was created as a community outreach program to those in despair. Such as women and children suffering through domestic violence in their everyday life. Their goal is to be the helping hand to these victims. Imagine having your head held under water for so long and once you get the chance to break away it’s like you are gasping for air. That’s just a brief description of a domestic violence victim’s life. Harbor House is a charitable outreach organization seeking to acknowledge, prevent, and end domestic violence as a whole community. Reaching out as a helping hand to those in need. Donations play a big role in this organization because Harbor House provides funding to support victims of domestic violence, the organization has a series of techniques in obtaining donations to support their victims, and these donations make a great impact on these victims live. This section is about the Harbor House’s donations relying a great deal on the people’s generosity on a monetary or supply base donation options. Harbor House is constantly sheltering victims of abuse. They find funding to shelter their victims.
Initially, Harbor House as an organization has set a mission for themselves, they are making great efforts to abolish domestic violence. They make it possible for domestic violence victims to get the help that sometimes they so desperately need. Without anyone to turn to Harbor House wants to be the helping hand as they have stated on their website “We’re there before the desperate calls to 911, before abusers lash out in anger.” Their vision is to work and come together as a community and reach ou...

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...t kind of impact they are making on these victims’ lives. But lastly creating an opportunity for a positive change.
Donations to an organization like this can have a great impact for those suffering through domestic violence. But Harbor House’s main goal is to be the helping hand before these victims are gasping for air in desperation. Harbor House is an organization that provides funding to support victims of domestic violence, their organization has a series of techniques in obtaining donations to support their victims, and impact that these donations have on these victim’s lives. Harbor House has opened their door for victims of abuse that have nowhere to turn to. It is their mission to break the cycle and be the positivity to help these women break away. Their motto speaks the changing they are trying making into existence “Abuse is preventable, not inevitable.”

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