Green 's Flagship Product The Igen Is An Intelligent Hybrid Electric Generator System

Green 's Flagship Product The Igen Is An Intelligent Hybrid Electric Generator System

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Rasoph Green is a proposed start-up company that will be based in Lagos Nigeria. It will deliver innovative, affordable and efficient energy solutions. Rasoph Green’s flagship product the iGen® is an intelligent hybrid electric generator system, targeted at the Nigerian market, with a focus on alleviating the problem of unstable public power supply and high pollution levels of traditional gasoline generators typically used by Nigerian households and small businesses.
Nigeria’s power production capacity does not meet the country’s demand for power , leading to poor power availability and frequent power interruptions in most parts of the country. Nigerians have resorted to producing their own power, and for this reason, there is a high usage of gasoline powered electric generators in the country. Most Nigerian households also use battery powered inverter systems that charge up from the grid or generator as backup . However, the operation of electric generators and separate inverters is complicated. There is the need to constantly remember to turn off the generator at night before going to bed, for fire safety reasons (there has been several reported fatal fire incidents caused by gasoline generators). For households with inverter systems, there is also the added hassle of switching back and forth from generator, inverter to mains. Moreover, electric generators (gasoline/diesel) are notoriously inefficient when not operated at rated load. The nature of household power demand is often intermittent, which means that generators are not run at rated load most of the time, leading to fuel wastage.
Rasoph Green will design, manufacture and sell the iGen®, a compact 2.5kVA hybrid battery, inverter and generator power unit, with internet o...

... middle of paper ... officer for a startup mobile operator that ended up ranking third in a market of five operators, I have acquired and honed pertinent entrepreneurial skills that I believe are essential for successfully driving a startup such as Rasoph Green to capture the full value presented by the existing market opportunities within the most optimal time frame. Moreover, I am a hands on person and have previously designed and built electronics gadgets such as weather satellite receivers, phase-locked loop synthesized receivers, power inverters and embedded systems. I graduated with honors in electrical engineering, and I am currently an MBA student at the University of New Brunswick. I also work with a team of experienced engineers based in Nigeria, and a business mentor who has over twenty years’ experience in the energy, engineering, and information technology fields.

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