Essay on Greece : The Archaic Age Of Ancient Greece

Essay on Greece : The Archaic Age Of Ancient Greece

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During the Archaic Age of Ancient Greece, circa 776-500 B.C.E., the population growth in Ancient Greece called a need for more food supplies, and this demand was met by trade, establishing colonies, and by warfare to seize more land (Making Europe 71). According to Kidner, the Archaic Age “brought a revival of culture, the economy, and political significance to Greece” (71). As Greece began to overpopulate, methods for dealing with the overpopulation had to be found, once of these methods was to import food, which caused an expansion of Greek commerce and production of trade goods (Making Europe 71). Another solution to the overpopulation of Greece was to find new land somewhere else, and during the colonization that lasted from 750-550 B.C.E., Greeks colonized coastal cities because they wanted access to trade routes across the sea (Making Europe 71). The revival of Greek trade also brought Near Eastern culture into Greece, including new styles or art. According to Kidner, “Greek sculpture assumed a very Egyptian look, and Greek pottery depicted many eastern designs…and Greek potters and sculptors soon used designs from their own myths and legents” (72). Eventually after the new styles of art were created, Greek pottery was a popular trade good. One more way that the Greeks found to deal with the overpopulation issue was to take over additional land in Greece, which increased the amount of warfare between Greek city-states (Making Europe 72). This growth of warfare to obtain land called for a new type of military for city-states, according to Kidner, “the wealthiest citizens, who could afford a horse, served in the cavalry, but most of the army consisted of heavily armed infantrymen called hoplites” (73), which gave rise to the a...

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...he possible use of well-trained hoplite soldiers.
These three pieces of art show the values of Greek culture during the Archaic Age through the narratives that were portrayed in the artwork. The sculpture of the nude man holding the lionesses shows how the revival of Greek trade brought influences of Near Eastern cultures to Greek civilization. The amphora that has the artwork of two separate artist’s shows how wine is an important trade good in Greek culture as well as the use of hoplite armies to obtain more land. The drinking cup also uses its imagery and color patterns to show how during the Archaic Age two Greek city-states battling over land was common, along with their use of well-equipped hoplite soldiers. From these Ancient Greek pieces, it is evident that the values of a culture are entwined with the type of art, which the artist of that culture produces.

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