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Graphic Designs Of Graphic Design Essays

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Graphics are art works that emanate from visual statement, which are reproduced on surfaces either as pottery, canvas, landscape, stone, paper and computer screen. I other graphics include creations such as logos, symbols, charts, signs and drawings. Graphic design has been in existence for a long time as a professional art and has been widely used in areas such as advertisements, websites and other publications such as magazines (Clifford 13). Like other art works, graphic design has undergone numerous progress and drastic transformations, conceptually and technically. These transformations align with those taking place in the society, because of the level of advancement that human society is making as well as its interpretation of issues that affect it. There are different types of graphic designs; however, this paper will pay attention to Plakastil or the poster style graphic design (International Poster Gallery para1). Plakatstil was becoming popular because firms would afford the advertisement posters developed, and they would use mimicking messages that were used by the art academy posters, whose posters were more detailed and complex. Intrinsically, with continued advancement, it was established that Plakatstil was not as effective as companies had anticipated and thereby other channels of advertising were developed. In particular the artist’s works that will be examined in this analysis are those by Lucian Bernhard, who was a renowned graphic designer in the 20th century and who help take this type of artwork at a different level as it was adopted as a way of advertising to increase awareness of business products and services, as well as educate the society. Therefore, the exhibition design seeks to show; to ...

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... receive positive response as the target market would easily understand the message on the poster and would thereby respond by purchasing the product being advertised (Design is History para3). The success that Bernhard had allowed him to spread this new style across Germany, as it became the foundation for the revolutionized commercial advertising prior to the Berlin war.
Lucian Bernhard (1906)
Above is the first poster that Lucian Bernhard presented for the Priester matches competition, which even though had been discarded and ignored by the judges at the contest as lacking vision, was seen by the company’s sales manager who believed it would transform the image of the firm. As such, not only did Lucian Bernhard win the competition, but also found a benefactor, who financed the graphical designs developed by Bernhard, although most of them were for the firm.

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