Graphic Design : A Notes On Graphic Design Essay

Graphic Design : A Notes On Graphic Design Essay

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Graphic design is a field of interdisciplinary exploration encompassing the study of divergent topics which includes visual arts, language, communications, aesthetics and computer technology. Graphic design extensively relies on language, icons, visual media and perspectives to convey aesthetic or creative content across media. The basic activity involves linguistic narrative and typography. In the modern era digital technology and software has become preeminent in this field.
Graphic Design has found a new arena in the creative activity across emerging fields in electronic media and internet. Consequently the field of graphic design is geared for some major growth prospects. Newspapers, magazines, advertising and books have been the field of traditional activity involving graphic design.
Graphic design is a field of human–computer interaction. This interaction is made possible via the user interface of the device. The user interface (UI) can be defined as the space where these interactions take place. The purpose of the UI IS to manage effective control of the machine. Moreover the machine provides simultaneous feeds back on the human activity. This real time feedback aids the human operators in decision-making.
UI is a broad concept which includes the interactive aspects of hand tools, machines, process controls and computer operating systems. Considerations in UI design aims to makes it intuitive (self-explanatory), enjoyable, efficient and user-friendly so that the machine is operated to produce desired results. This means that the desired output should be given with minimal input. Thus a good UI optimizes human activity. The creation of successful UI involve disciplines as psychology and ergonomics...

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...creates and communicates concepts visually. The ideas inform, inspire and enamor consumers. Consequently the graphic designers design and develop the production for applications including advertising, brochures, reports, magazines and corporate literature.
Graphic designers are effectively employed by media and publishing houses, film and television industry, IT firms and political parties
Graphic designers can easily work in an independent setting or develop own entrepreneurial projects. Designers with ample experience and experience can work as Photographer, Fine artist, Art and Creative Directors, Industrial Designers, Technical Writers and Multimedia specialist.
A degree in graphic design facilitates work in a number of profiles. These fields belong to media, advertising, films and art. Such profiles include Illustrator, Animator, Graphic designer and UX designer.

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