Essay on Government Regulation And Intervention Within The United States

Essay on Government Regulation And Intervention Within The United States

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Undoubtedly a topic never fully agreed upon in the past, certainly not unanimous in the present, and predictably controversial in the future, the discussion of which degree of power that governments may hold has presented near infinite arguments and opinions for centuries. Sparking disagreements that have led to war and hatred, while at the same time, the union of fascinating numbers of individuals, the business of government regulation and intervention continues to be a part of everyone’s lives today. We see this control in it’s most direct aspects, such as in the laws we abide by, though we can observe some of the underlying ways in which other parts of our lives are regulated with careful consideration. As individuals, especially in a Westernized nation like Canada, it is quite apparent that there are rules set in place for us to follow, as for our generation (those of us in still in school), this has been the norm for all of our lives. However, what is often overlooked - as sometimes necessary - is how, or even why such rules were ever put into place, and perhaps more importantly, by whom. More specifically, we may be interested in what types of ideas, studies, or perspectives have influenced these kinds of decisions in the past, as well as their possible effects in the future. The exploration of principles and techniques of the science, social science, and humanities areas of studies may offer some insight into some of these interests, as well as help us formulate our own opinions on such topics.
Governments have depended on scientific knowledge and discoveries for their political, economic, and military successes for a long time. Science as a discipline consists of many distinct components that tie together to help us expla...

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...ominant capitalist systems of today. However, one would also consider the quality of life that such individuals felt, especially with regard to the amount of individual freedom they had. Topics such as political and economic systems, though seemingly broad and overwhelming to study, present a welcome contrast between the sciences and humanities, and therefore, a strong example of how the social sciences combine aspects of both.

In this way, we can act as critical, informed citizens and question government control and regulation of certain aspects of our lives to see that our beliefs align with those of governments, or if some changes were necessary to sustain our quality of life. In Canada, a democratic socialist nation, it is our right, as well as responsibility, as citizens to ensure our voices and opinions are heard and expressed through our government.

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