The Government Must Be An Ineffective Tool Essay

The Government Must Be An Ineffective Tool Essay

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In Paine’s opinion, the society should form first, then later will have a government. People need society to bring people together to produce happiness but when more people come together in the society the problem will arise, thereby they need a government. Government is an implement to control our wants and punish our vices. As time goes on, the system of government has gradually improved, in order to maintain social equality and security and bring felicity to people. Also, the government needs to be accountable to the society, if the government cannot solve or improve society, then the government will become an ineffective tool.

In Paine’s thought, liberty is to be free under the society that is restricted on many things and you can freely express your own words, living the life you longing for and do what you want to do and this is his thought of liberty. Safety is the government 's purpose and the meaning of existence, at the same time, the government must guarantee freedom of citizens. For equality, all men were born equally. If there is no royal and noble, then there is equality between people. People can have their own ability to get all the appropriate honor, status and job, expect the differences in their character, there should be no other differences in between them.

Liberty and equality have to work together to provide equal right to citizens. The equality and freedom that citizens have can only be relative, in the world no one can enjoy absolute equality and freedom. Human society itself is relying on a strict hierarchy, it was established and developed in order to determine the social rights and obligations of citizens, and also to maintain the social order. As long as social hierarchy exists there can be no a...

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... right to enjoy freedom, to make their own laws, to organize their own government. Instead of using the law to suppress the freedom of the people, the laws should have used to restrict the government. Only in this way, we will be able to establish a country of freedom.

"Common sense" is indeed a good book, Paine 's wisdom, responsibility, forward-looking, and passion highly integrated into those seemingly ordinary but great sentences. The book was called “Common Sense” is because Paine wants everyone to understand his thoughts that he wants to convey to audiences. Paine 's wisdom is that he clarified the government and society, that he sees through the monarchy. Paine’s idea is to establish a country of freedom and protection of private property in the country. The strong and sustainable of the United States now, is built on the "common sense" to convey the idea.

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