Essay on Goddess of The River Ganges

Essay on Goddess of The River Ganges

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Ganga is the tern used to refer to a goddess of the river Ganges. River Ganges is India’s largely consecrated mass of water. Hindus are known to have strong beliefs. They are known to believe that by virtue of bathing in her holy waters this will help wash way ones sins. It is on this basis that they conduct repeated sporadic ritualistic washings in order to secure a position or a place in the heavenly world.
On the other hand, the Museo delle is one of the museums in the city of Lugano city in Switzerland. This museum’s exhibit works of art relating to the goddess of the river Ganges, a Hindu goddess. Her authority and supposed power to wash away sins and liberate individuals or persons from the ashes of the dead has made his works of art in these museums very popular. Ganga is occasionally represented as a gorgeous or beautiful woman with a tail of a fish. The tail takes the place of the legs and she is usually depicted as Makara, a renowned water monster.
In Switzerland there exists Lake Lugano in the midst of other famous Italian lakes. This Lake is also said to have powerful forces underlying it. It is in a way linked to the River Ganges in the Hindu society. There are diverse mythology linked with Ganga and very staunch Hindu philosophies related with the river consecrate it as a goddess. The Hindus view goddess Ganga as rather a fair-haired complexioned fine-looking female wearing a white circlet with a water lily and a water pot in her hands, and riding her pet crocodile. Basically there are two major most important decorations adorning the portrait of the Ganga.

The first of the adornments is when she holds a pot perceived to be full in her hands. This is usually taken to illustrate that she is sustaining a wom...

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...s are significant within contemporary art and culture.
One of our aims is to expose emerging talent through exhibitions at the gallery and participation in select international art fairs.Located in a large, refurbished colonial structure in what is fast becoming Kolkata’s gallery hub, Ganges Art Gallery and its shows have received favourable reviews in newspapers and periodicals.
We are looking to expand our presence overseas by engaging in strategic partnerships with museums and galleries of note in Asia, Europe and the United States. Owned and managed by Smita Bajoria, Ganges is, in the future, looking to go beyond the boundaries of a traditional art gallery by hosting talks, art appreciation courses, film screenings and book readings. Our endeavour is to be a centre of creative and artistic excellence in a city synonymous with cultural activity.

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