Globalization: The Path to Destruction Essay

Globalization: The Path to Destruction Essay

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Just imagine waking up in squalor, a once prominent society, now a desolate wasteland. All because foreign interest has raped your land of its natural resources and you seen not a cent in profit. Although, globalization is unifying the worlds developed nations and is bringing commerce to nations that have struggle in past years. True, globalization has many positive effects but do the pros outweigh the cons. In this essay I will discuss Globalization ruining the integrity of many countries and also is forcing many undeveloped nations into a bind, and is causing economic distress on some developed nations. Also, due to economic globalization the nations of the world are diluting their culture, sovereignty, natural resources, safety and political system. My goal is not to change your way of thought, but only to enlighten you of the negatives of global economic expansion.
Now, before I bash globalization it is some positive I would like to discuss. Globalization is great for the American economy; we can supply the world with our goods and services, which in turn can possible, relieve the deficit we’re in. “Homegrown industries see trade barriers fall and have access to a much wider international market. The growth this generates allows companies to develop new technologies and produce new products and services.” (Buzzle) Also, globalization leads to better relations between countries when they create trade agreements. Globalization does not drain every under-developed company but brings a new era of economic change and the hope of being a world super power to certain nations. “Economic globalization gives governments of developing nation’s access to foreign lending. These funds are used on infrastructure including roads, health car...

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... policies. People will continue to suffer in silence because of the world’s greed. So, while we enjoy our cheaply made goods and over consume the planet into demise, we never know of choose not to know the pain that went into the productions of those goods. Globalization may be championed as a gateway to financial growth for all nations, but only certain nations benefit from it. Global trading and integration has a negative effect on undeveloped nations and developed nations in many ways including; political systems, sovereignty, economy, way of life and much more. Earlier in the essay I asked ‘do the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to globalization’ and from my research I don’t see any real benefit. I don’t believe we should eliminate global business, but better the already lacking regulations and probably increase the standard of living equally for the world.

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