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Global Business Glasgow Essay

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Global Business Glasgow

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The purpose of this report is to analyze a business, its operations and financials in order to see what is its current market standing along with predicting the future keeping in mind the strategies and policies that it may follow. The report will be divided into several parts namely introduction, description and history of the venture that has been selected, financial performance and over view and funds needed to expand it to achieve future growth.
The company that has been selected for this report is Tempo which is probably the only salad bar in city of Glasgow which offers to its customer one of the most delicious and fresh customer made salad whose recopies are designed innovatively keeping in mind the dining in experience. The environment of the salad bar is just like a café which is perfectly designed to suit to customer preferences, tastes, comfort and most of all the time constraints that different customers have. The reason why this café has gained so much fame and is the fact that it has sticked to its basic brand essence with which it entered the market initially. This brand essence can easily be identified by those who love tempo, that is, the salad bar provides quality and healthy food for those who are health conscious in addition to being food connoisseurs.
The company has a clear vision which it wants to achieve in the long run. The vision is simple and not vague and thus can be highlighted into three main points:
1. Tempo looks forward to achieve the return on investm...

... middle of paper ...

Keeping in mind the above criterion, it is clear that with appropriate management, strategic planning and adequate marketing mix in place, the company can achieve the projected and expected growth as analyzed in this paper. Tempo has a number of expansion plans in place in which it wants to lower down its fixed cost to the lowest in future by increasing the revenues through franchising outlets in the near future. The only threats and weaknesses that tempo faces is that new entrants can easily enter this industry because this venture is not that much capital intensive and food outlets and cafes are easy to copy.


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