Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies Essay

Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies Essay

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Imagine a parent walking into a conference room; a sheet of paper waiting on a table with a lot of different questions on it. Things that many parents wish they had control over. Options such as hair color, skin color, personality traits and other physical appearances are placed out across the page. When they fill questions out, a baby appears as it was described just before. The baby is in the picture of health, and looks perfect in every way.
The use of genetic engineering shouldn't give parents the choice to design their child because of the act of humans “playing” God, the ethics involved in interfering with human lives, and the dangers of changing human genes. Because of recent technological advances in "designer babies", parents could have the choice not only to pick and choose their child's physical appearances, but their personality traits and talents as well. Parents could build just about every aspect of their child, taking away the faith most people have in God. The belief that He created man, makes designing and choosing characteristics in a child seem to belittle God. This is the main reason why genetic altering should not carry on. Altering a child‘s genetic makeup also takes away from the idea of a baby being a miracle from God because people would have the choice to change and design possibly any part or characteristic of their child. Parents choosing to have genetic screening done to possibly prevent diseases, will never know how their child may have been born without the costly operation. Expecting parents should take extra precautions during pregnancy and during their baby’s childhood.
Since some parents feel they should take extra measures in protecting their child from certain diseases and possible def...

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... lives of their future child, to be guinea pigs in a potentially fatal medical experiment. Although parents would like to think that altering their child is easy, and free-of-charge, the reality is that no medical experiment, or procedure can be perfected.
With this in mind, parents can’t choose to make their child extremely smart or blonde, without knowing the dangers ahead. People shouldn’t have access to genetically altering their children because of people’s views on God and their faith, the ethics involving humans, and the possible dangers in messing with human genes. Although it’s many parent’s dream to have the perfect child, or to create a child just the way they want, parents need to realize the reality in genetic engineering. Sometimes a dream should stay a figment of one’s imagination, so reality can go on without the chance of harming a child’s life.

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