Gendered Socialization And Gender Roles Essay

Gendered Socialization And Gender Roles Essay

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When a girl is a child, they have the ability to be almost anything they want. However when those children become women in Canada they are not strongly represented in some professions, instead making a large portion of the lower wage careers. Through infancy, primary school, high school a women 's early experiences may or may not set her up for success. By looking at the behaviours of the people and structures that surround us throughout our lives, we attempt to develop an understanding the role of gendered socialization, why there is such a marked difference between the level of women 's employment and how that relates to the likelihood of poverty.
Gendered socialization in childhood, has lasting effects in adulthood at a societal level. Single mothers in particular are affected given an unequal opportunity to advance like their male counterparts. For Canadian women there is an increased likelihood of gendered poverty.
Duffy, Mandell (2001) stated (cited in Statistics Canada 2011a) by the LICO-AT standard, 22 per cent of Canadian single mothers were poor in 2009. However the international LIM-AT standard is regarded as more accurate for calculating the populations low income percentage.. Rather than estimating a pattern for spending on food, shelter and clothing for a family, in LIM the contemporary costs of these items are calculated and then compared with the family 's income after adjustment, at half of the population median (Statistics Canada, 2015). By the LIM-AT standard 44.5 per cent of lone parent families were headed by a woman were defined poor in 2012 (Statistics Canada, 2014) suggesting a considerably larger proportion than publicized.
Women in Canada tend to earn less than their male counterparts. The unlikelihood o...

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... The difference between Canada and Finland in tackling gender equality shows how serious they are about equal opportunity, Canadian women, with the exception of Quebec, experience complexity in reaching independent success.
The idea that gender equality is advancing in Canada is a false one. Basic schooling and government framework is demonstrated, but the grand picture has not been shaded in. If schools practiced regular video reviews, employers had government enforced action plans, and the government offered help to families without diving the division of parental labour unequally, there could be a trickle down effect which would then change the demand for the toys and media we accept and the gender roles practiced and passed on through the generations. The reason women women are at higher risk of poverty is because, in the current state, that is the path created.

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