Gendered Products Are Designed For Target A Specific Group Of People Essay

Gendered Products Are Designed For Target A Specific Group Of People Essay

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Gendered products are designed in order to target a specific group of people. This “product” can be practically anything: a song, video game, television show, book, toy, and more. Segmentation is a marketing strategy that assures each group pays the most for a product. Furthermore, Tilburg, Lieven, and Herrmann 's study concluded that gendered products often lead to stronger purchase intent and were valued at a higher price when compared to non-gendered products (435). The results of this study may help shed light on why the media mass-produces gendered content: to make money. This study only researched physical products and did not take into account other forms of media. Still, this can help explain why the media leaves out non-binary genders but continues to push gendered content. Breaking away from these gender categories would cost companies money, but introducing a line of non-binary gendered products would target a larger audience and produce more sales. Including non-binary gendered products would also benefit society. If the media included non-binary characters and non-binary gendered products, people would be exposed to different genders and be more accepting of these genders. They may even realize that they are not completely masculine or feminine but instead fall on the gender spectrum. Still, some people fail to see the importance of a more diversified media as they only view the non-binary population as a small group of people.
It is uncertain how many people are non-binary as there is a lack of data around this subject. The United States Census Bureau only asks individuals for their sex, not gender. There are only two options for this question, male or female, and participants are told to only select one. The census...

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...of others like non-binary people. McInroy and Craig state that negative representations of non-binary people often include cross-dressers, criminals, and sex workers, and they are often shown as mentally ill or unlovable (607). These portrayals have their effects as well. McInroy and Craig reference a study that showed that over 20% of non-binary participants in the United Kingdom were verbally harassed because of the negative portrayals offline media, such as television shows and movies. 8% reported being physically harassed due to this misrepresentation (McInroy and Craig 607). Often times, offline representations are what introduce the concept of non-binary people to binary individuals, so this experience influences their perceptions of non-binary people (McInroy and Craig 608). These inaccurate, often times offensive, portrayals are a major problem in the media.

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