Gender Roles Between Men And Women

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Gender roles between men and women remains somewhat the same and never changing to the flow of the society. Women remains tvhe homemaker of the household while men continue to be the breadwinner of the family. With the continuation of stereotyping gender roles, women continues to lose grounds against men in this society. Even though women has secured a place within the society, they still remain responsible for their duties as daughters, wives, and mothers. The role of women and men remain constrain to the scope of the traditional gender roles and continues to be practice by families who continues to value traditional roles. However, the practice of traditional roles are old-fashioned and unfair to women’s individuality and should evolved into equal roles between the two genders. Growing up in a Hmong family, I would notice that women in Hmong families would be doing the cooking most of the time. Not much is seen from men when it comes to household duties. Men are seen to be doing the heavy labor while women do the simple and light labor, such as cooking and cleaning. I would see my aunts and cousins cooking or cleaning and normally I would have to help as well. I am unable to deny the work as it is a young girl’s job to fulfill the duties of a women. But, sometimes I wish that I would not have to always have to help out all the time because it does get tiring from time to time. The gender roles in Hmong families are, however, difficult to overcome because the older generations of Hmong people value the traditions and would rather not let it disappear in the younger generation. This is somehow unfair to Hmong young women, especially the younger generation, because some girls may not be fit to perform these duties and would feel... ... middle of paper ... ...ds of the woman. Though marriage has changed over the years, the gender roles continues to remain the same without much change between the two genders. Even though stereotyping the genders is an advantage in producing families, it does not help families develop strong ties with each other. For instance, the ties of a child to their parents, since the mother was the one who took care of the childrearing the child is closer to the mother rather than the father. When it comes to gender roles, stereotyping is not the best option as women will not be able to stand their grounds against men and they will be unable to display their individuality. Gender roles as a whole has become old-fashioned and unfair to the women population as they are expected by society to demonstrate the virtues of a traditional women even though, women have gain ground as a breadwinner among men.

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