Gender Roles And Women 's Rights Essay

Gender Roles And Women 's Rights Essay

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perceiving as manly in which makes them feel comfortable and to approachable to ladies. Furthermore, drag kings is another way of expressing themselves to be manly. The magazine entitled Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide acknowledges “about connection between female transvestites and lesbianism throughout history, the rise of lesbian feminism along with the feminist movement of the 1960s and 1970s, and the rise of female masculinity.” When they had discussed about the rise of female masculinity portrayed that the women’s rights were not given during the 1900s and if in today’s society there is also limited rights for the women as well.
Furthermore, gender roles allows society to view what behavior is measured as suitable. Females who decide to go through the process of becoming a transgender women and they should not care about what society views them. Because there are going to be debates and disagreements of the process of becoming a transgender women. Since society believes that gender roles should be implemented based off what the person was born as, whether it is female or male. That is not the case though because people cannot decide to be born female or male and that is why there is a numerous amount of people who are transgender. There may be a greater amount of people that are transgendered and masculine female in other countries. According to an article, they had mentioned that, “People who identify as transgender or transsexual are usually people who are born with typical male or female anatomies but feel as though they’ve been born into the wrong body.” This shows that people may be born with not all the structures or parts that make up of being fully a female or women and may feel that they were born under the wrong g...

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...uld emphasize that they are manly since without a mustache the person would have a baby face and would look much youthful than with a mustache. Other characteristics that would help the person to be seen as masculine would be a beard and a side burns would help them seem manly. There are some woman who already have some side burns, so females would usually wax that out so that way they can be seen as feminine, but the woman would want to be masculine would keep it so that way the side burns can grow.

Moreover, women may not only want to change their appearance, but changing their name would be another way to support them to become masculine. For instance, the name Ketty is a feminine name, but it can be changed to Kris to make it seem masculine. There are multiple people who change their names because they would want to be approachable. For instance, if a lady were

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