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When someone is asked what their identity is they answer White, Black or Asian, in reality our ethnical identity goes much deeper than this. Our identity comes from not only our race, but also our ethnicity. According to experts at Public Broadcasting Service race is considered biological, whom an individual has no control over every individual only has one race, where as ethnicity is an individual’s choice of which culture, or cultures, they affiliate themselves (Conley, Cheng, Greund, & Cho, 2003). From the few courses I have been fortunate enough to take and learn from I have discovered more about being a Caucasian male and the systematical and organizational advantage over others ethnicities and genders I have had. When taking an introspective view of my own identity, ethnically or racially, I tend to focus on my family lineage and those experiences that have impacted my development. My lineage had provided insight into my ancestor’s struggles with racial inequity and their previous experiences have greatly impacted me. Additionally, with regard to cultural differences, and any of the various thoughts and feelings I may have experienced have greatly impacted the formation of my identity. These lessons will be of great value as I provide direction during future client interactions.
To first establish ones identity, one should learn about their own lineage. My lineage includes Native American, Irish, German, Polish, and Dutch to name those backgrounds my family has referenced throughout my life. Much of my family has migrated from other parts of the world into the United States, some before Ellis Island had opened. The majority of my father’s family, on his mother’s side, migrated from Warsaw, Poland after being relea...

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...dge from the social worker it can affect the relationship between themselves and the client (Jacobson, 2001, p. 54-55).
An identity of an individual is formed based upon his or her own life. This identity may come from a person’s their linage, past experiences, and ideas, which showed them; they are different from other groups. An individual’s identity may also come from the feelings, and thoughts they might have been encountered because of their past experiences and ideas. These were just a few of my thoughts, ideas, feelings, and experiences, which developed me into the person I am today. Being aware of all of these and learning all you can about yourself can be a great benefit for personal and career development in your own life. We are all life long learners; even if we are not in school we are still learning and experiencing new and wondrous undertakings.

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