Essay on Gender Inequality in Africa

Essay on Gender Inequality in Africa

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Gender Inequality in Africa

It is true of Africa that women constitute a treasure that remains largely hidden. (Moleketi 10) African women grow 90% of all African produce, and contribute about 70% of Africa’s agricultural labor every year. (Salmon 16) Both the labor and food that are provided by African women go towards the increase in Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). (Moleketi 10) Although African women are feeding the majority of Africa’s inhabitants, the constricting ropes of gender inequality are still holding them back from being appreciated and living up to their full potential. Outstandingly, women such as President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, of Liberia, have gladly accepted the challenge of breaking free of these ropes. The history of women’s rights in Africa, the glass ceiling, and the modern aspects of women’s rights, all play prominent roles in the overall condition of women’s rights in Africa. Until the day arrives that these discriminatory injustices are corrected, individuals in African nations will continue to struggle.
The history of women’s rights in Africa has affected its present state. Established in 2003, by the African Union (AU), (Meyersfeld 13) the Maputo Protocol promises women equal rights and the right to an abortion if the woman conceived he baby through incest, rape, or if having the baby would be injurious to the mother’s health. (Meyersfeld 12) However, as of 2013 the Maputo Protocol has yet to be ratified by eighteen countries. (African Business News 51) Africa is a continent in which there are countries where a woman needs permission from her husband to travel, to work, or to open a bank account. (Moleketi 10) To this day, women are still seen as subordinate to men. These primit...

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