Essay on Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking of Women and Children Today

Essay on Gender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking of Women and Children Today

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Various forms of slavery have been a part of the world’s history. In modern society direct forms of slavery are outlawed; however, human trafficking continues to occur within insidious organizations all over the world. While women and children are not the only victims of human trafficking, the lack of mobility, power, or education in their societies make these two groups the biggest victims of human trafficking. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sheryl Wudunn believes that the greatest injustice of this century is gender inequality. Wudunn is the first Asian American to win a Pulitzer Prize. She was awarded with a Pulitzer Prize in International Journalism for her New York Times 1989 coverage of the Tienanmen Square protests. Wudunn is a business executive who has attended Cornell University, Princeton University, and Harvard Business School. As a senior banker she focuses on growth companies in the technology industry. She also works with female entrepreneurs. In their bestselling novel Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Sheryl and her husband Nick Kristof chronicle their journey around the world and the amazing women and children that they meet. They chronicle the horror stories as well as the stories of hope and success of women given opportunity. Acknowledging gender inequality and its effects on victims of human trafficking will allow humanitarians to apply the possible solutions and effects educating women will have on blotting out the issue of human trafficking.
Violence against women is an issue that walks in lockstep with society. There is no society that is not struggling to see women as people with an equal ability to have power, or at least financial mobility. Many involved see t...

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...e everyone equal access to an education and increase awareness about the plight of women around the world.

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