Gatsby's Undying Love for Daisy in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Essay

Gatsby's Undying Love for Daisy in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby Essay

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“The officer looked at Daisy while she was speaking, in a way that every young girl wants to be looked at some time…” (75) The Great Gatsby
Love, love, love; the only thing everybody talks about. Every movie, every series, every story talks about how two people fall in love and live happily ever after. All stories get to the conclusion that the love the couple shared was unique and that the two lovers matched perfectly together. But what happens when two lovers do not belong to the same social class? What happens when they don’t share common things they like? Are they not meant to be? “In love everything is possible”, someone once said. When someone is in love, he/she would make everything that he/she cans to make his/her lover happy and keep him/her by their side forever. F. Scott Fitzgerald, one of the most important American writers of the twentieth century, depicts a love story in his novel The Great Gatsby and shows how love can change a person. Gatsby, the man from which the story takes its name, fell in love with Daisy when he was young officer just before going to war. As the story goes on, he falls more and more in love with her, but he loses her to a richer man. Gatsby’s love for Daisy
The novel is set during the Jazz Age, an era in which money and class status were much more important than anything else. This is clearly portrayed in the novel. Gatsby and Daisy met at the summer of 1917 were Daisy was a beautiful, classy, rich girl and Gatsby was just an officer who was waiting his time to serve in the war. Gatsby’s main goals in life were money, luxury and class, and as he fell more in love with Daisy and got to know her, he understood that those three things were basic for him to keep Daisy by his side. Months later...

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...tically took blame for everything to spare Daisy from being accused of murder.”’Was Daisy driving?’ ‘Yes… but of course I’ll say I was” (143) His eternal love for Daisy made him fear nothing, he only feared solitude; his passion for that girl made him strong before any situation; his commitment made him persevere till the end: “’How long are you going to wait?’, ‘All night if necessary’” (144).
In the same way that Daisy was the reason for Gatsby to acquire everything he had, she was the reason he lost it all. He based his whole life into the dream and expectancy of Daisy coming back to his arms, living only on a dream. Gatsby’s love for Daisy was pure and real, it was a self-giving love which ultimately lead him to his death. It is clear that he gave up everything for the girl he loved; he tried everything he could to win her back, and unfortunately, died trying.

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