Future of Educational Finance in the United States Essay example

Future of Educational Finance in the United States Essay example

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In the recent years, many changes are transforming the education in United States. New laws are being established that are reforming the educational systems and the many funding systems are experiencing a shift or shortage that will have an imminent influence in many educational programs. The courts have exerted considerable influence on the states to improve their school finance systems. New trends in education from public, private, and online education are making an impact in education in many ways, including the financial structures of schools. There are a variety of issues and factors that affect education today and the impact has and will affect the way finances are approached in the schools. Analyzing how the Lemon Test is used to align with the First Amendment, understanding the implications of distributing public funds to private schools, how No Child Left Behind has impacted schools, recognizing how church-state relations will affect future school financing, and discovering trends in court decisions regarding educational finance, will help schools brace for the possible outcomes these issues will have regarding education and educational finance.
Analysis of Lemon Test to Determine Alignment with First Amendment
The “Choice” Issue that has Implications for Diverting Public Funds to Non Public Schools
The educational choice issue has been a topic in education funding and financing that has been hotly debated in the national and state government (Brimley, et al., 2012). There is a belief that educational choice is a concept that could restructure the way education is implemented and financed throughout the country. In the year 2000, President Bush suggested some form of private school vouchers that could effectively...

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