Funding For Major Elementary And Secondary Education Programs Essay examples

Funding For Major Elementary And Secondary Education Programs Essay examples

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If money were the solution to the problems in America’s schools, those problems would have been solved long ago. But money isn’t the solution. (Chairman John Boehner, 2005) While spending increased in the 1980s and 1990s, achievement remained flat. Clearly, resources and effort are not lacking as educators around the nation work to improve student achievement. No Child Left Behind, calls for states, districts, and schools to be accountable for federal dollars spent on education. NCLB creates a culture of accountability, requiring schools to reassess what they are doing to raise achievement of all students and support teaching and learning. Under NCLB, states and school districts have unprecedented flexibility in how they use federal education funds. This flexibility allows district to use funds for their particular needs. (Essex, 2006)
Funding for major elementary and secondary education programs increased by 40 percent in just the first three years of NCLB. In fact, the federal government has increased federal education funding so rapidly that states are having trouble spending it all. (Chairman John Boehner, 2005) Brian Riedl of the Heritage Foundation noted in a column, NCLB is neither “unfunded” nor a “mandate.” States are under no obligation to accept the billions of dollars a year in federal education aid NCLB offers. States that do not wish to be held accountable for improving student achievement, or that prefer to do things their own way, can simply decline the money. In addition, three reports released this year conclude the federal government is providing states with more than enough aid to implement the reforms included in NCLB. (Brian Riedl, 2003) Any costs incurred by state, local, or tribal governments would re...

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... school student stressors, and poor health are just a few of the common issues that could negatively affect the students test score. Up to now, Texas has chosen to remain among the few states that have refused to adopt teacher evaluation systems that rely on the ill-considered and unreliable linkage between student test scores and teacher performance. But the acceptance of the federal waiver is now taking Texas down that path. (TCTA, 2013-14)
Commissioner Williams expressed confidence in the state’s own system in the original waiver request he submitted to the USDE in early 2013. He not only asked for flexibility from AYP but also from federal “highly qualified” teacher requirements. The request asked that Texas instead be allowed to rely solely on the state’s rigorous teacher certification standards, supported by Texas’ own teacher evaluation system. (TCTA, 2013-14)

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