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Freedom Of Press By Skeeter Sellers Essay

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Freedom of Press
Skeeter Sellers
The University of West Alabama 
The “freedom of press” is guaranteed First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. government is not allowed to halt the publication of an article in a newspaper on the grounds that it is about to be a threat to national security. The government also has no right to make laws that force newspapers to publish information that they do not want to publish. Also, there is no imposing of criminal or civil penalties on the press when truthful information is published or dishonest information is published except in very extreme cases. The press is also not subject to individual taxes that are not required by other organizations. Journalists also have the right to not reveal their sources even when compelled to do so. Finally, the press has the right to attend hearings and other legal forums and alert the public afterwards (Levine, 2002).
Freedom of Press and High Education
The biggest issue that face higher education that are associated with freedom of press stem from sources of funding, forum analysis, and content restriction. The funding for the majority of student newspapers comes from a part of the student fee that incoming students pay. Because of the involvement of fees administrators believe they have the right to more of a hand in student press. Because of this newspapers are turning to going completely independent of the institution that they are associated with. This means the school papers were not receiving any money from the institution. The problems that the student presses were facing stemmed from a lack of resources to produce multiple and consistent copies. In the times that the school does try to limit what the student press does, lawsuits have occ...

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...of protection offered by the First Amendment. The rule of thumb is that the government does not have the right to withhold citizens from engaging in speech. That being said speech is still subject to regulation due to the fact of constantly changing circumstances. In content-based restriction cases that do not include fighting words or true threats the government must be very careful. This is because the Court is not allowed to show favor to any one type of content through the suppression of another form of content or idea. The Supreme Court can only restrict the speech if the content is held to a high level of scrutiny. Other forms of speech that are covered in this realm of protection and are in fact subject to regulation include prior restraint, forum doctrine, non-content-based restrictions, and several others (Ruane, 2014).
Tinker v. Des Moines School District

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