Essay on Free Will, Deliberation, And Determinism

Essay on Free Will, Deliberation, And Determinism

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In Philosophy, one of the most controversial discussions is whether or not humans actually have free will to make the choices and do the actions that they desire to complete. In order to understand the argument, defining key terms like free will, deliberation, and determinism is vital. One Philosopher, Daniel Dennett, explores the topic and issues of free will and determinism in his 1984 book Elbow Room. I disagree with Dennett view and I believe that humans do not have free will. We are controlled by several things, like our evolutionary past and genetics, or environment, and they all play into determinism. Similarly to how humans do not have free will, robots as well do not have free will, partially due to the nature in which they are created.
Before arguing my view on free will, I will define several important terms in this argument: free will, deliberation, and determinism. Free will is a term that has been controversial in defining and if humans actually possess it. For the purpose of this paper we will define it as something’s (human’s, animal’s, robot’s, etc) capacity to determine their progress of action. A portion of the controversy aligned with free will is that some philosophers think that only humans have the ability to have free will. Free will is also defined as that an agent has the desire to choose a certain action and are free to do so. For example, when thinking about if you want to get chicken alfredo or spaghetti for dinner, and you possess the resources and ability to acquire either option, then you have free will to eat what you want for dinner. This is assuming you aren’t a slave and can go where you please, have the money to buy it, and the physical capability to consume it.If you desire one more than the o...

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...le. If a parent is a good or bad example of a parent in the eyes of the child, the child, if the perception is good, could possibly decide to adopt those characteristics. If the parent is bad, the child could either still adopt those characteristics because it was their example, or they could adopt the opposite characteristics and state to the parent “you showed me what I don’t want to be to my child.” In all cases conceived from this example, the child bases their actions on life and raising children on what their parents actions were in raising them.
Robots, like humans cannot do actions based on free will. Robots are designed to do things, or learn to do things, and are ultimately controlled by their maker. When a robot malfunctions, the robot is not blamed, the creator is to blame. Humans that don’t have their own free will cannot create a machine that it’s own.

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