The Free Will Debate By Defending The Position Of Compatibilism As The Most Valid Solution

The Free Will Debate By Defending The Position Of Compatibilism As The Most Valid Solution

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This paper contributes to the free will debate by defending the position of compatibilism as the most valid solution. The debate of the free will of humans relates to the seeming incompatibility between determinism and human free will. Compatibilism is the idea that determinism is compatible and consistent with free will. This debate ties into the topics of moral responsibility, and I will defend my argument that freedom and moral responsibility are compatible even with determinism. My main argument consists of the fact that “free will” means that a human being could have selected another option if they wished to do so, meaning they could have responsibility for their actions even if determinism is true.
Determinism is the theory that every event is predisposed to occur because another event has already happened, and because of this there is only one possible future. However, this is compatible with the concept of being free. Soft determinism maintains that past events influence and determine the present events in the universe, and that this is still compatible with humans having free will with their actions. When someone says that they have made a decision from free will, they are saying that, a) they have been presented with two or more options, b) they have deliberated regarding those options, and c) they have selected among the results of that deliberation. All three of the aforementioned sufficient conditions must take place in order for an individual to have made a decision with free will. And although this will was determined by the universe’s determinate powers and by previous events and decisions on behalf of the human, this is not incompatible with free will. The agent, or human, acted and decided his preference using h...

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.... People have the choice to make moral decisions, and this is what gives these good moral decisions their value.
Additionally, some people make the argument that if God is all knowing, then he knows everything that we are going to do even before we are born. This could suggest that we cannot do anything other than what He knows we will do, and therefore there is no free will. This is called divine foreknowledge. I refute this by saying that just because God knows what we will do, does not mean that we don’t have freedom. His knowledge does not cause us to do what we do. Rather, God is also an eternal being that stands outside of any time constraint. He knows all things, from the past to the present to the future, and He sees them as though He is in the present. There is no temporal relation, so there is no predestination of choice, and therefore no lack of free will.

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