Free Speech Should Not Be Allowed On The Internet Essay

Free Speech Should Not Be Allowed On The Internet Essay

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Individuality is defined as the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind. A way to put this into simpler terms is that it is what makes a person different. There are many different ways to express individuality; the way someone dresses, the type of music they listen to, their hobbies, and their opinions. Many people feel obligated to make their opinions or thoughts known by posting them on social media sites such as Facebook. There has been a lot of controversy lately over what should be allowed to be posted on Facebook. Many people and advocacy groups argue that the first amendment gives Americans the right to post whatever they please on Facebook. Others believe that things such as libel and obscenity should not be allowed on the internet and the posters of that material should be punished. Free speech is important and can help express one’s individuality, but the government should be able to prohibit what people post on the internet according to the harm principle, because people can be threatening and it is hard to determine the intention of the person’s post.
The freedom of speech is one’s right to express their ideas without the fear of government action or censorship. This right is guaranteed by the first amendment in the constitution. As technology has advanced and times have changed, some grey areas have arisen in the first amendment with what can be posted on the internet; such as Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media. Some people believe that what can be posted on the internet and should be censored because it stays there forever and has ruined people’s lives before. Others, such as the ACLU, believe that the freedom of speech should apply t...

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...uld be taken away from the family and the child.
Some people argue that because the Constitution was written over 200 years ago, there should be more amendments made in order to keep up with our rapidly changing country. Others argue that we should keep our traditions because it is what makes us great as a country. I personally believe that we should stick to the values that the founding fathers instilled in our constitution, but make sure to adapt those values to modern times. People from other countries look at America and think of our incredible freedom and democracy. This will change if the government continues to infringe on the public’s freedom. Although the government is able to prohibit certain things from being on Facebook, people still possess free speech and the right to express their individuality; something that is essential to the ideology of America.

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