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Fountain Creek is located in Colorado Springs Colorado. It has been in the hot seat for years because of the toxicity with in the water. The issues that is surrounding this creek stems from a plethora of pollutions. Three different types of pollution are at center stage when discussing the creek. The range of pollution goes from raw sewage all the way to pollution from exhaust from vehicles. Preflorinated chemicals are also a huge problem for this creek, as these chemicals are known to cause cancers and other various health problem when they are consumed by humans at a much lower level than what is found in fountain creek.

The Fountain creek pollution is causing great issues for the people of Security, Widefield, Fountain, and Pueblo. The creek has been contaminated with multiple types of pollutions that are causing the 10% of Colorado Springs drinking water to be unable to be consumed by the people in these areas. This creek feeds the wells in Fountain, Security, and Widefield. The three main pollutions that this paper is going to address are the sewage leak that Colorado Springs utilities were found liable for. The second pollution is the PFCs that the Airforce Academy is currently being looked at for. Finally, the last type of pollution that will be discussed is the pollution from the cars that leak into the creek because of a poorly functioning storm water drainage system. The lack of protection to the draining water is affecting people in a serious way. E-coli, PFCs, and toxic chemicals from cars are the root cause that the people are left to deal with.
The Sources of the Pollution.
Fountain Creek has an extensive history with sewer spills. In 1999, during a flood, some 70 million ...

... middle of paper ...
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