Foreign Policy : A Common Topic Today

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Foreign Policy is a very common topic today. Foreign Policy is the strategy or process when dealing with other nations. There are two different types of Foreign policy used which are Moral Idealism and Political Realism. They both have their own way of running external things from their country the best one is Moral Idealism. Moral Idealism is taking in consideration the Moral of the citizens of the country or countries that are affected by the policy, another way to put it is “The greatest goods for the greatest numbers.” Balances of power in Moral Idealism there is much wider cooperative arrangements, Although most wouldn 't sacrifice state sovereignty and thus able to work more selflessly. Moral Idealism pretty much tries to get nations to stay at peace with each other, instead of them going to war against each other constantly. After the first World War President Woodrow Wilson proposed for the League of nations to be established to try and help keep nations at peace. Another organization that was established by the United states to help keep the world at peace, was the Peace Corps, back in 1961 by President John Kennedy. The League of nations was originally created to provide a forum for resolving international disputes. It was created after World War 1 to help prevent another World War happening or another war that would cause as much damage to the world as World War 1, using peaceful terms. It was suggested to be created by president Woodrow Wilson even though he left office never convincing the United States to join the League of Nations. Eventually World War 2 was started and after all that had happened the League of nations changed to the United Nations and the United States even became one of the founding ... ... middle of paper ... ...ibya and Syria where especially a challenge, but in that country the rebels were successful in taking power in the eastern region. Eventually the united states and the European allies provided air support for the Arab popular movements If you include the mix of the two policy types depending on the state of countries affected by the policy, the best is the Moral Idealistic view because it provides the less ammount of damage not only too countries but as well as to relations. If you where to always have a Political realistic view on things and just want to try to take over other places, the morality of the citizens would drop a lot within the country, because most likely the policy would be to either increase number of troops, or weapons meaning you would either be pushing factories hard to make the stuff you need, or you would be drafting as many people as you can.
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