Food Stamp Reform Bill Proposal Essay

Food Stamp Reform Bill Proposal Essay

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According to Reuters, approximately 47 million people receive Food Stamps. That equates to 1 in 8 Americans (Abbott). Food Stamps is away to supplement those who are having trouble finding jobs and supporting their families. There are individuals who take it for granted, and abuse the system. Many people apply yearly for assistance, but get turned away because their case is insufficient, or there is simply not enough room to accommodate them. According to an article, states that since Food Stamps are running out of funds and people are turning to food banks for support (Food Assistance Becoming the "New Normal). Food banks are designed for extreme measures such a natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, and the homeless.
Because food is in short supply, our National government should create and endorse a New Food Stamp Reform Bill; because some individuals who are receiving the benefits that are allotted to them are committing fraud. Hard working Americans who make below the poverty line are denied every day for assistance because abusers are finding new creative ways to deceive the system.
The Foods Stamp Act of 1964 was very influential to the United States of America. It does not discriminate a household because of political beliefs, nationality, religion, and race. Its goal is to reduce hunger in low income families. The Foods Stamps is monitored heavily by the federal government, but the prospect receiver has to go through their local social services to apply. Food Stamps are only given only once a month, or in increments of two. It usually is given on the 1st and the 15th. How much a person receives, is dependent on household size. There are limits to what a person can buy. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and imported ...

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