Essay on Focus Groups' Role in Research

Essay on Focus Groups' Role in Research

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It has been decided to focus on to explain on a personal experience whereby focus groups produced positive or negative information hence anticipated as of other types of research. The importance of Focus groups providing better, or worse, information this is highlighted by Pitt-Catsouphes et al, 2006 (p.365) who states that focus groups “offers the advantage of creating inductive insight, and these insights can then be later used in the development of quantitatively instruments such as surveys”, Duarte et al, (2006, pg.202) adds that researchers may still disagree on the members emphasis.
Four main aspects Focus groups will be discussed. First, a personal experienced researched focus group conducted in a lecture. Following that, the positive or negative information gathered at the meeting and examples of other Focus groups will be discussed. Finally, there would be examples of other forms of research which would be compared to Focus groups.

First, nevertheless, it will be significant to define the research term “focus groups”. Focus groups are comfortable practice in other word casual method which helps to consider group members opinions and sentiment related with the topic before and after the policies has been applied.

The origin of focus group it was created when Paul Lazarsfeld invited Robert Merton in the office of Radio Research at Columbia University 1941, later after the World War II Robert Merton used his method to the analysis of Army training and moral films for research branches of the U.S Army Information and Education Division, shortly Merton modified his methods for use in both individual and group interviews.

Stewart et al, 1990 (p.10) from his own statement he defines Present’s focus group compare...

... middle of paper ... its role as it should be or not?” I believe everyone would have something to say as the majority of the world is concerned about the endless and deadliest wars and poverty in Africa.

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