Florida Swampy History: Work Project Administration Essay

Florida Swampy History: Work Project Administration Essay

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The legends and songs tell many things about a culture and person. The only probably was people did not know the meanings of them or the origin. In 1935, President Roosevelt started Work Project Administration. The purpose was to make jobs during The Great Depression. The WPA mission was to bring people the history of the countries writing, “The WPA guides, or as they were known in the 1930s, the American Guides, were designed less to encourage tourism than to serve as histories”. (Bengal) The project head, Henry Alsberg, wanted writers like Zora Hurston and John Cheever, but Zora Hurston was one of the few with experience. Using 6,000 writers and contributors to bring these legends together. The songs with people sing by the pool, outside church, or at school. Making a quest to conqueror everyone ignorance about the past. Using Mrs. Hurston to find the truth and to lose the haziness about the songs and stories. Multiples journeys to find literature history, which were origins, come from Bahamas, Jamaica, African, and other parts of the World. She had to enduring the journey of equality and bigotry from white and black.
Work Projects Administration was started to collect the literature in American and to create jobs. 6,000 contributors help the WPA with information, recordings, and works. The only was the stigma that followed the WPA. With the New Deal and all the jobs it created, some that of it as a form of welfare. Zora Hurston and John Cheever was some of the big names that help with the WPA, but they perceived it was welfare. Getting a hand out from the government, rather than having a job. In an Article from the Washington Post, it displays her demeanor towards the WPA, “Hurston would tell the niece who shared her Eatonvi...

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