Essay on First Class Mail Guidelines

Essay on First Class Mail Guidelines

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The following first class mail guideslines were designed to reach
these goals. Guidelines for handling other classes of mail and using special
services begin on p.28. A postal rate chart apears in Appendix D (blue pages).
1. Key envolope addresses in block style, using uppercase letters
and omitting punctuation (except for hyphens).
2. Place the address block about four inches from the left edge
and two inches from the top edge of a No.10 envelope, or use the default
setting of the Evelope feature on the word processing software.
3. Use an attention line ONLY when attempts to determine a person’s
name have failed. Place the attention line (when used) on the first line of theaddess block. Example: ATTENTION MARKETING COORDINATOR.
4. Key the street address or box number on the line below the
address’s name, followed by applicable apartment or suite numbers.
5. Key only the city , state abbreviation, and ZIP+4 Code on the last
line. Space once before the ZIP Code. Do NOT place the postal codes
of other countries on the last address line of interna...

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