Essay on Finding Balance in Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen

Essay on Finding Balance in Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen

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Rationality and sensibility are essential parts of human’s life. The explanation of rationality in the dictionary is “based on clear, practical, or scientific reasons; sensible and able to make decisions based on intelligent thinking rather than on emotion ”. And the explanation of sensibility is “an acute perception of or responsiveness toward something, such as the emotions of another ”. People always want to separate rationality and sensibility into two opposite things, even the dictionary says that rationality is “intelligent thinking rather than on emotion”. In the book Sense and Sensibility, each of the two female main characters, Elinor and Marianne, stand for rationality and sensibility, but both of them pass a difficult time when they being pure rationality or sensibility. There is an idiom in China called “things will develop in the opposites direction when they become extreme”, and this is exactly what should think about how to balance two consciousness. Being excessively rational or exceeding sensible cannot make things happen just as you want it will be. Finding a “balance” between them is the correct way to live as Jane Austen suggest in the book. Problems would happen while the “scale” of consciousness being amesiality, either the rational side or the sensible one. Excessively sensible makes people show everything exterior, including their weakness. But being exceeding rational cannot make the thing totally different, it just let people hide everything internal. According to these, a fulcrum between these two extreme is necessary.

Excessively sensible makes people brittle exterior. In Sense and Sensibility, Marianne, was a totally sensible character at first. Opposite to her elder sister, she is almost a compl...

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