Film Prioritization

Film Prioritization

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In this scenario, a large film making conglomerate wishes to examine a number of potential film making projects. Each project is to be ranked according to its feasibility, measured by the ability to adhere to a number of corporate objectives. There are seven proposed movies to be judged and the conglomerate will produce four to six each year.
First is to examine each of those projects to the corporate objectives, compare and contrasting project selection criteria and justify why a project meets the selection criteria.
The corporation has three ‘must have ‘ objectives as follow: All of the projects need to meet legal, safety and environmental standard, all of the film projects should receive a PG or lower advisory rating, all projects should not have an adverse effect on a current or planned operations within the larger community. The third objective is most probably in reference to the conglomerate plans to open theme parks in Poland and China which would be in addition to a number of existing parks, home videos, video games, theatrical productions and television channel. Each of those objectives mentioned will each be assigned a point weighting of 24 points.
This case study will also need ‘want' objectives. These are assigned a weighting for their relative importance, however they are not critical to the company's mission.
Those ‘want' objectives are as follow: to be nominated for and win an academy award for best Picture of the year, create at least one new animated character each year, generate additional merchandise revenue such as dolls, action figures, interactive games, music CDs, raise public consciousness about environmental issues, general profit in excess of 18 percent, advance the state of the art in film animation and preserve the firms reputation, finally provide the basis for the developments of a new ride at a company owned theme park.
As a member of the hypothetical team to evaluate each of the submitted proposals, the task is to rank each submission according to the corporate objectives, and to select films to be produced by the company.
Project Proposal 1: My Life with Dalai Lama
All of the corporate ‘must have' objectives can be met by this project. It is unlikely to violate any legal, safety, or environmental guidelines. Aimed at a youth audience, it is probable that it would receive a PG or lower advisory rating.

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Finally, since it is not controversial, it should not interfere with current or planned operations.
The probability of an animated children's movie winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards is very low. However, it would introduce new animated characters that could possibly star in a cartoon series. There is also a possibility of generating merchandise from such a production. The proposal is unlikely to raise public awareness of environmental concerns. There is a 50% chance that the film would generate a return on investment (ROI) of 18%. Since it is an animated movie, there is a chance of advancing the state of the art in film animation. Finally, given the nature of the storyline, it is not probable that a new theme park ride could be developed based upon this film. In summary, My Life with Dalai Lama results in a point value of 86 points.
Project Proposal 2: Heidi
All of the corporate ‘must have' objectives would probably be met by this project. There may be some concern over the location and casting of the film, and also copyright issues of the original work. For this reason, only twenty points will be awarded for this objective. The movie would be likely to achieve a PG or lower advisory rating due to its youth-related content. Finally, no aspect of the movie should interfere with current or future operations. Not all of the ‘want' objectives are likely to be fulfilled by this proposal. Given the large budget, and all-star cast, the movie stands a good chance of winning Best Picture. However, no new animated characters will be introduced by this film. Merchandising opportunities are very likely.
Using the Swiss Alp location could give the corporation an opportunity to raise public awareness of environmental issues and concerns, and there is a greater than 50% chance of generating 18% ROI. Although there is no opportunity to advance the art of film animation, the picture would undoubtedly preserve the firm's reputation. Finally, the location could also give rise to a new theme park ride.
In summary, Heidi results in a point value of 85 points
Project Proposal 3: The Year of the Echo Few, if any, of the corporate ‘must have' objectives are met by this proposal. The film is highly unlikely to receive a PG or lower advisory rating, and could have a very adverse effect on current and future operations. Given the subject material, it is also possible that legal standards could be violated. Only eighteen points total will be awarded in this category. Low budget documentaries rarely receive a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards, and the production would not result in any new animated characters, or an advance in that industry. However, since the film would be based on a popular rock band, merchandising opportunities may very well be presented.
The exposure given to the drug overdose death of a high-profile band member could potentially go a long way to raise public awareness of some environmental issues. Forecasters predict, however, that the film only has a 20% chance of generating an 18% ROI. There is also little chance of a new park ride resulting from this film.
In summary, The Year of the Echo results in a point value of 27 points.
Project Proposal 4: Escape from Rio Japuni All of the corporate ‘must have' objectives are met by this proposal, although the advisory rating could teeter between a PG and PG-13, dependent upon the level of violence portrayed by the animals. This animated ‘feel-good' picture stands a reasonable chance of being nominated for a Best Picture award, and will create at least one popular new animated character. Merchandising opportunities will likewise abound. Possibly the film's greatest strength is in its ability to raise public consciousness regarding environmental issues in South America. The animation also provides an opportunity to advance the industry's capabilities. Forecasters give this proposal an almost 80% chance of generating an 18% ROI, and the opportunity for creating a new theme park ride based on this production would be high. In summary, Escape from Rio Japuni results in a point value of 95 points. Project Proposal 5: Nadia! All of the corporate ‘must have' objectives are met by this proposal. The life-story of this Olympic champion is unlikely to exceed a PG rating, or violate any corporate standards. It should likewise not interfere with current or future operations. Since the primary figure portrayed in the movie became an almost worldwide heroin figure in the late 1960's, the film stands a fair chance of being nominated for a Best Picture award. However, it will not introduce any new animated characters, nor advance that particular industry. Because the film is set over thirty years in the past, the probability of touching on any modern day environmental issues is relatively low. The same applies to the possibility of basing a new theme park ride on the film. However, merchandising opportunities could very well be present. The chance of generating an 18% ROI is forecast quite low.
In summary, Nadia! Results in a point value of 81 points.
Project Proposal 6: One Whale of a Story All of the corporate ‘must have' objectives are met by this proposal. In telling the story of this famous whale, the correct PG rating is likely to be achieved, and no guidelines are likely to be violated. With such a large budget, state-of-the-art animation, and featuring such a famous whale, the chance of nomination for Best Picture is very good. The opportunities to introduce a new animated character, related merchandising, and a new theme park ride are all excellent. Numerous environmental issues can be addressed by this picture, and the chance of generating an 18% ROI is set at around 50%.
In summary, One Whale of a Story results in a point value of 98 points. Project Proposal 7: Grand Island Meeting the corporate ‘must have' objectives in this picture is jeopardized by the subject matter. Fighting environmental issues and naming chemical industries can be a risky business legally. Furthermore, the subject material is not really suitable for an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, although the movie strongly advocates environmental issues. There is also no animation in this film to promote new characters, or advance the industry. The possibilities for merchandising are also poor. Finally, the chance of generating 18% ROI is low. In summary, Grand Island results in a point value of 60 points.
In conclusion, the best potential for adoption of the seven proposals are those for Escape from Rio Japuni, and One Whale of a Story. In applying the corporate criteria to each project, these were found to be the best match for the company's guidelines and image. The poorest performers were Grand Island, and The Year of the Echo.
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