Essay about The Fight The Good Fight

Essay about The Fight The Good Fight

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Fight The Good Fight
Imagine a man who was recently laid off from his job at an oil and gas company and can no longer financially support his family. The decision this man makes to either push through this adversity to find a new job or let his life go in a downwards spiral will be determined by if the man is resilient or not. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word resiliency means, “capacity to recover from misfortune, shock or illness.” However I believe the definition for the word resiliency goes much deeper than what the dictionary says. Resiliency is the ability to push through physical, mental, and emotional challenges. People should always strive to be resilient and never give up in any situation and to always stay positive no matter how negative things might be.
However the interpretation of staying positive can be different depending on the person you ask. Staying positive can mean to wake up every morning overwhelmed with joy and live in a world of rainbows and butterflies or to accept something negative that has happened and overcome it. Overcoming negative circumstances could be a young boy who loves the game of basketball but is unfortunately paralyzed from the waist down. Although, the boy is determined to play basketball so he shows tremendous resiliency by mastering wheelchair basketball and falling in love with it. Being resilient can be shown in multiple ways including physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Furthermore, physical resilience can be displayed two different ways. Athletes are great examples of physical resilience. Any successful athlete must endure countless hours of difficult training to become and maintain a dominant profile within their particular sport. Men and woman who are als...

... middle of paper ... and never expect anything in return, and to always smile through the harsh things said or done to him. The grandfather never wanted his son to let the white men win, he wanted his son to kill them with kindness and know that things would soon one day be different if the black community continued to never give up and stay resilient.
In essence, every word is given a definition in the dictionary but those definitions are usually broad and boring. The definition of a word goes much deeper in context and can be brainstormed much further than any ordinary dictionary definition. This is why I believe the word resiliency can be shown in a variety of ways and describes a persons will to run that extra mile, smile when it is most hard, and when knocked down seven times stand up eight. Being resilient helps people remember that the cup is always half full not half empty.

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