Essay on Ficer Gunnhildur By Quentin Bates

Essay on Ficer Gunnhildur By Quentin Bates

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The “Officer Gunnhildur” series by the British born author and journalist Quentin Bates is about a widowed mom with two children (a daughter and a son) named Gunnhildur “Gunna” Gisladottir. She has a sardonic sense of humor., is middle aged, and she also is a grandmother. She is also down to earth and intelligent. In the early books of the series, Gunna works as an officer, but gets a promotion later on and becomes a sergeant.

The series is made up of both short stories and novels; that are considered to be police procedural and Scandinavian crime fiction. This series is set in the village of Hvalvik, Iceland. This is the series that the author made his debut in fiction writing with in 2011, with the release of the first novel in the series “Frozen Assets” or “Frozen Out” as it is also known and released by this name.

He was able to work on the first novel because of a writing course at a university that allowed him to take afternoons off at work once a week. And it all started from working for an obscure nautical trade magazine as a journalist, that would later turn into different sidesteps until he decided to finally sit down and write fiction. He also saw that there was a lot of competition to get published and just had to try his hand, and after his agent gave him advice and encouragement, was able to sell the novel.

The series has been translated into different languages, besides English, like Polish, German, Dutch, and Finnish.

“Cold Steal” by Quentin Bates is the fourth novel in the “Officer Gunnhildur” series that was released in 2014. For months, a thief who has been ripping off Reykjavik homes of their valuables has been the thorn in the side of the local police. The thief makes a mistake, and breaks into the wrong ...

... middle of paper ... read about the criminals and the hostage situation, as that part of things is a little more interesting than what the cops are doing. It was interesting too, to see how the criminals and hostage (especially one of each) get along with each other. Some enjoyed reading about the hostages and found that they were not at all your typical hostages, that they had quite an interesting past- one of the hostages did anyway. The other was perceptive and calculating, especially for her age.

Some did not like how little back story and development Bates gives the main character and her family in this novel. Some found that it was not the best the series has to offer. Some felt that this novel was lost on them, almost as if it were written for a certain group that they themselves are not a part of. Some found themselves skimming the novel, not really reading every word of it.

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