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In romantic and platonic relationships, individuals experience different variations of attachment. Previous experiences shape and mold a person’s attachment style into four different categories: secure, preoccupied, fearful and dismissive. Each of these categories illustrates positive or negative emotions of self and positive or negative emotions for others. These attachment styles can be seen in The Office’s Dinner Party episode.
In The Office’s Dinner Party episode, Michael Scott invites his fellow co-workers, Jim and Pam to a dinner party. Michael Scott and his girlfriend, Jan, welcome Jim and Pam into their home and give them a tour. Jan’s dominance in the relationship becomes obvious when she shows Jim and Pam her office, workspace and bedroom; she sleeps on a queen mattress while Michael sleeps on a small bench due to Jan’s space issues. Michael only has his television in the condo while everything else is Jan’s. Then in the kitchen, Jan subtlety accuses Pam for having feelings for Michael. It is clear that Jan does not trust Michael and Pam. The tension between Michael and Jan escalates while playing charades and then during dinner. It then climaxes with Jan destroying Michael’s television with Michael’s cherished Dundie trophy. The dinner quickly ends after the incident and all party guest leave. Jim and Pam then share a pleasant moment eating fast food in their car recalling their evening. Michael leaves and stays at a friend’s house while Jan is home trying to glue the trophy back together (Eisenberg, L., Stupnitsky, G., 2008).
In relationships, people have different ways of showing their emotions and attachment: secure, preoccupied, fearful and dismissive. Secures see themselves and others positively because of ...

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..., it is clear with her body language that she disapproves and is embarrassed by him. She does not seek or enjoy the intimacy with Michael; she sleeps on a queen bed while Michael sleeps on a small bench. This physical and emotional space between the couple could be due to her lack of trust for Michael. Jan believes there is something between Michael and Pam. Jan seems more interested in materialistic items and her career than she does with Michael.
Throughout this dinner party, it is clear that everyone is uncomfortable with the dynamic between Michael and Jan. Jim states, “Michael and Jan seem to be playing their own separate game. And it’s called ‘Let’s see how uncomfortable we can make our guest’ and they’re both winning” (Eisenberg, L., Stupnitsky, G., 2008). Michael and Jan’s attachment style is poor compared to Jim and Pam who are secure in their relationship.

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