The Feminine Side Of Male R & B Singers Essay

The Feminine Side Of Male R & B Singers Essay

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“Often” encapsulates the masculine side of male R&B singers through various use of lyrics and imagery. The song opens with The Weeknd staring emotionless into the camera, a blank stare almost as if he is in his own world. Showing very little to no emotion is widely accepted as an extremely masculine trait. In one of Devors ' essays he says “men/who conscientiously avoid anything associated with femininity are seen as exuding masculinity”(Devor 139). This can be interpreted as expressing emotion is associated with being feminine, so by not showing emotion The Weeknd exudes masculinity. Further demonstrating his masculinity The Weeknds ' demeanor throughout the music video gives off an air of confidence almost arrogance. He is seen standing with his posture upright paired with how his eyes are set promote a sense of arrogance. His eyes are seen not opened too wide which can lead an exciting vibe, His eyes are just set in place, never moving. This sends off an expression of disinterest with his surroundings, implying his arrogance. Matched with his emotionless face all of these actions facilitate his masculine energy you get from this music video. One article states “Confidence or more specifically arrogance is exuded, women take notice of this which can lead to attraction” (Caldwell 94). Agreeing with Devor, confidence is another trait which society deems as masculine only further empowering the status of R&B singers who are also prominent womanizers.
The lyrics of “Often” also provide an increased sense of masculinity found in the music video. For instance The Weeknd says “infatuated by the fame status”, which can easily be translated to men desiring to attain wealth in which they can use to show off their masculinity. One art...

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...lity comes out. An article done by Kristie A. Ford speaks on how “fake masculinity can be used to achieve real masculine behavior” (Ford 13). In other words the fake masculinity which is the soft voice and the choice of clothing, are used to achieve real masculine desires which is sex. So even though Devor says that men are viewed as masculine by looking aggressive, intimidating who carry a heavy voice, R&B singers use tactics which contradict that masculinity Devor speaks of in order to achieve something regarded as much more masculine, Sexual intercourse with multiple women. Adding to this One article published in Belgium states that “The Weeknd refrains to representing postmodern exaggerations of hegemonic males”. Or, The Weeknds ' soft “feminine” approach to women go against that in which society views as a dominant male which he uses as a ruse to attract women..

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