Female Juvenile Delinquency Is An Aspect Of The Juvenile Justice System Essay

Female Juvenile Delinquency Is An Aspect Of The Juvenile Justice System Essay

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Female juvenile delinquency is an aspect of the juvenile justice system which has been left untouched for decades; in fact the majority of the research done on juvenile delinquency was solely dedicated towards male delinquency. But just recently, researchers began studying female juvenile delinquency and the causes behind their behavior. In 2003 “the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention awarded a grant to the North Carolina Research Triangle Institute to study female delinquency and its consequences” (Bartollas 71). Based on the institutes research it is clear that female delinquent behavior directly correlates with various biological, physiological, and sociological factors; knowing this information will be helpful in developing useful programs to prevent delinquent behavior and to reduce recidivism rates amongst female youths. But first it is important to recognize the role female juvenile delinquency plays within society.
Within the past few years female delinquent and criminal acts have increased dramatically; according to Understanding the Female Offender, by Elizabeth Cauffman, “in 1980, boys were four times as likely to be arrested [than females]; today they are only twice as likely to be arrested [than females]” (119). Cauffman also states that “according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), females accounted for [only] 29 percent of all juvenile arrests in 2003” (120). Based on these two findings it is clear that females commit crime at a much lower rate than males, but the type of crime committed does largely depend on gender. For example, “proportionally more girls were arrested for certain offenses, such as running away from home (59 percent) and prostitution and comm...

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...s a mental disorder marked by emotional instability, which again can be caused by psychological trauma (Dictionary). All of these conditions, caused by psychological trauma, can be traced back to a typical female juvenile offender.
While biological and psychological explanations offer great insight into some of the reasons for female delinquency, sociological explanations offer detailed theories which seem to better explain female delinquency. Also, there is a general agreement “among feminists and non-feminists that literature approaching female delinquency from a sociological perspective offers more promise than literature about biological or psychological causes” (Bartollas 73). This means that many people believe sociological explanations offer a better insight into female delinquency, primarily because there is more detailed research to back up the sociological

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