Essay on The Federal Communications Commission ( Ffc )

Essay on The Federal Communications Commission ( Ffc )

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The Federal Communications Commission (FFC) is a company that is an independent government agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, cable and satellite. So like you had wrote in your slide1975 FCC proposed a rule that prohibiting one company owing a newspaper and a broadcast station (radio and or television). With this rule it helps prevent one-sided stations; this rule helps maintain content diversity. The rule is helping the ones that are not in leadership positions be able to have a voice and the opportunity to own media outlets and more importantly get the whole truth out to the public. The FCC wants women and minorities, to have a better opportunity to own their own media outlet. Which would not occur if they did not push this rule to get passed. Since 1975 the number of media outlets has definitely increased. The only issue with the increase of media outlets it doesn’t help the fact that in today’s time there is less diversity of opinion. Everyone’s voice is not heard and his or her thoughts on a topic are getting pushed to the background. Commissioner Robert M. McDoweel wrote in Approving In Part, Concurring In Part, “stakeholders recently petitioned the Supreme Court to review the 2006 rules, no legal hurdles preventing us from modernizing our rules to reflect the economic and technological realities of the current marketplace stand in our way. The Commission has been aware since at least 2002 that the Internet was having a profound effect on the media landscape.”

(favor of the rule) Today’s news has less diversity than news did in 1975. In 2016 we have better technology and we also have more jobs, therefore there is going to be an increased market power. The markets ...

... middle of paper ...

...t they wont do that. Everyone should have a chance at proving that they can do right and follow the rules. But if the rule doesn’t change than they have no way of proving that they wont take over everything. They are also worried about them taking over the local consumers again you have to be able to prove yourself and believe that they wont do that. Like the law says innocent until proven guilty. Let them prove that they are innocent before just saying they are guilty. I am agreeing with the opposing side because the television stations and the newspapers are going to fall because of all the new technologies. This will increase the competition to a new height that will make it even harder for the owners to stay above water. If the FCC would relax the rule it would give the opposing side to try to fix what is breaking down. It might be a slow fix but a fix is a fix.

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