Essay about Fat Tax On Junk Food And Soft Drinks

Essay about Fat Tax On Junk Food And Soft Drinks

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In recent years, obesity has been a huge problem in our society and even after Americans have become aware of obesity it still has not disappeared or shown a major decline in obesity rates. For the same reason, the government has taxes on tobacco to discourage the usage of smoking and the same thing can be done to junk food and soft drinks in order to lower the percentage of the population that is obese. Most people argue that a fat tax on junk food and soft drinks will affect the poorer population as they spend a greater part of their income on junk food compared to the rest of the population, which is true with the cigarette tax as well that over the long-term the policy will make up for the cost and overall be a good policy. Obesity is a widespread issue and it’s becoming a colossal problem which can only be confronted with government action as there is no other way to stop obesity and it is affecting the well-being of its citizens. This paper will make the case that having a fat tax on junk food and soft drinks is net benefits by addressing the effectiveness, economic impact, and justification of the policy.
A fat tax is the most effective way to fight obesity for the same reason that the tobacco tax caused a decline in the usage of tobacco products. The counter argument to this would be that the effectiveness of a fat tax in obesity is not proven and when Denmark implemented a fat tax it did not cause any major change to the obesity in the nation. The fat tax in Denmark was carried out for about one year and Denmark is also part of the EU so Danes could buy the affected items from other nations in the EU that does not have the fat tax without much friction. Tobacco tax was effective for many factors, but the key factors is by...

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... but effectiveness of the policy can be improved if a subside to promote a healthy diet is used as well. The economic impact of obesity is enormous, especially the medical impact as obese people will be spending a greater part of their income to pay their medical bills and could affect the person’s ability to perform their job which can cause them to have a lower income. The government normally leaves their citizens freedom to do anything if they follow their laws, but when there is a problem like obesity or widespread pollution that only a government has the resources to solve then it has an obligation to prevent the problem from reaching critical mass. Overall, the fat tax is the best option as a ban will likely lead to an increase to the underground market like what happened with alcohol in the prohibition era and just using public outreach has not been effective.

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