Fast Paced Emergency Department ( Ed ) Essay

Fast Paced Emergency Department ( Ed ) Essay

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Falls represent the leading cause of accidental death in people that are 65 years and older and is very common among hospital patients of all ages. The active, fast-paced emergency department (ED) creates a particularly high-risk area for falls for all ages. Individuals who fall are at least two times more likely to fall again (“Learn Not to Fall,” 2012). “About half (53%) of the older adults who are discharged for fall-related hip fractures will experience another fall within six months” (“Learn Not to Fall,” 2012). The leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly is falls (“Learn Not to Fall,” 2012). Around $30 billion is spent yearly due to healthcare related falls (“Falls as a National Health Priority,” 2012).
At least fifty percent of falls transpire while patients are trying to get to and from the restroom (Hendrich, 2006). These typical situations are overlooked. Although patients in the ED are supposed to use their call lights, many feel they can do it on their own. The nurses advise patients to ask for help when they need to get out of bed to eliminate falls, but some do not like to ask nurses for help because they feel they are too busy. “Regularly scheduled toileting of high-risk patients with impaired gait and mobility due to functional deficits or drug side effects will reduce falls in most acute care hospitals between fifty and seventy percent yet this intervention is inconsistently applied” (Hendrich, 2006).
Rounding has always been integrated in the health care setting for many years. However it is about the force that makes rounding effective. In the past there were a lot more falls because nurses quickly checked in on their patients and asked how they were doing and marked on the roundin...

... middle of paper ...

... rounding is the answer to decrease the risks for falls in patients while they are in the hospital setting. Purposeful rounding should be implemented in all hospitals because it reduces the risk of falls and allows the healthcare workers to make a connection with the patients, seeing them as a person. Since falls represent the leading cause of accidental death in people that are 65 years and older and is very common among hospital patients of all ages healthcare employees need to be aware of the benefits that purposeful rounding has for their patients and start practicing this strategy with their patients. By utilizing this specific rounding strategy patients will also have increased satisfaction. The nursing staff will have less disruptions, less call lights because the patients do bundle their requests together, and will be able to perform better as a nurse.

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