Essay on Family Life Education, History And Growth

Essay on Family Life Education, History And Growth

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Even though Family Life Education (FLE) has been established in America since 1938, many people still do not know of the career field or assume it is the same as a social worker or a school counselor. In some ways it assumes some of the same responsibilities, but in many ways it is a night and difference between any other career field. This paper will discuss the following objectives of Family Life Education principles, history and growth.
Family life education (FLE) has several different methods of developing positive, well rounded individuals and families. Skills that are important to focus on are: interaction skills, strong judgment skills, positivity, along with the ability to develop happy and healthy relationships. FLE also focuses on personal issues such as; family and economic diversity, substance dependence, sexual and gender identity issues.
FLE offers many educational options to help with these issues both in the forms of face to face classroom setting and via educational guides.
Family Life Education (FLE) is available to everyone from individuals to couples to an entire family, both in a classroom and non-traditional settings. FLE instructors are not a typical classroom teacher, but more of an advocate for the clients. Since 2005, when the first book outlining specific needs of a FLE was published, it has provided a foundation, along with resources for FLE professionals. The outline covers chapters such as; foundations & purpose, history, structure among universities & community, and FLE’s outreach theories. Classes may vary from different topics from sexual health, marriage, parenting, handling emotions and life changes. Other resources that a FLE instructor might turn to be community support, clinics, films, prin...

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...ossibly grouped with other human development professionals (Cassidy, 2009). One specific way for a Family Life Educator (FLE) to become more prominent in their field is to be as specific to the area of expertise as possible. Networking in the community and classes will also make the services of a FLE more approachable (Cassidy, 2009). A FLE professional has the ability to impact not only one person’s life, but entire family, who may be struggling with personal, work or an array of substance abuse issues.
As Family Life Education progresses, so will the career areas that it can impact. Hopefully one day it will no longer fall into the same category as a social worker or counselor, but as a fellow as another field of expertise to build relationships and brighten a family’s future though their strong ethics and principles, constant family research and developing areas.

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