Family Dynamics And Their Structure Essay

Family Dynamics And Their Structure Essay

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Family dynamics and their structure have gone through many changes in the last 100 years. The development of diverse and unique family styles was very interesting and I was surprised by the many changes over the spectrum of time. In addition, I discovered that I have been a little sheltered by my own environment. I had failed to learn about other cultures, but what I learned from this course and the way we define family was eye opening. Considering the definition of a family unit, it is easy to see how much that definition has changed. People living in the same home and celebrating the same belief system, although not related by blood, are still considered family. From single parents, to grandparents raising the grandchildren, and homosexual men becoming fathers to the newborn they have adopted are now all thankfully, considered family. Part of me feels such pride for the willingness to except such a diverse community and make them a family, but throughout are semester, there were times when I was frustrated with the world around us, our lack of understanding and the laws that prohibit people from loving who they want to love and wanting to share that same love with a child. It is promising to see that from state to state, rules are changing to accommodate these new non-traditional families.
Throughout this course, marriage was talked about quite a lot, from old-fashion traditional marriages, to how marriage has changed over the years, and how religion, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, culture and sex all encompasses the decision to get commit to someone, with the promise of forever. It was interesting to learn that some consider marriage as a dying institution, but I would disagree. I think the nature of why we wed, and ho...

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...upbringings. It’s exciting to think about what kind of heritage will be imparted onto their children. I know my son-in-law will teach their children Polish, and my soon to be son-in- law grew up in the Navy, just like my daughter, and we are already calling our future grandchildren, “Navy Beans”. This class was eye-opening and thought provoking and I found myself yearning to learn more and wanting to find faith in the fact that even though there is much dysfunction in our families there is respect, love and kinship too. That is what keeps men and women full of faith, holding onto hope, that maybe there is a reason to start of life with someone, have lots of babies, and live the American dream. Or should I say the European, Asian, African, Russian, Italian, French or the multitude of other cultures all working hard to find happiness for themselves and their families.

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