Family Dinners And The Family Essay

Family Dinners And The Family Essay

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There are many types of families in the world; there are families that are loud and families that are quiet, families that are close, and families that do not even eat together. For each different type of family there is a different style of family dinner that they have. For example, the family dinners of a quiet family do not involve much talking and often end quickly even when there are guests; however, family dinners of a loud family, much like the one that I observed, last longer periods of time and tend to have people either talking over one another, or there are main people in the group talking while everyone is either having a side conversation or is listening attentively. Family dinners have a specific dynamic and certain social conventions, and if new people are introduced, the dynamic completely changes and the family has to readjust because with every family there is a difference of social normalities present at the dinners. The family must also plan to readjust if the new people intend to stay in the family for a while.
In this social experiment I analyzed my own family dinner with an outsider joining the group. These dinners included my mom, Lori; my dad, Michael; my brother, Everett; my sister, Cali; my sister’s boyfriend, Allen; my boyfriend, Dakota, as the outsider. Also included in the experiment are two of my aunts and uncles; Cindy and Pat, and Traci and Andre. The two aunts and uncles have never met Dakota before these family dinners and I will be analyzing how the dinners differ from how they originally take place and how both the aunt and uncle, and Dakota act at the dinners.
A normal family dinner at my house, with my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Pat, is a loud one that mostly involves my aunt and my mom talking an...

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...why a salad dressing is not good enough (29). This happens more often with friends and boyfriend/girlfriend relationships than with family though. But it is still a key point because a twisting of words, especially at a dinner where people are more open, can quickly lead to an argument. But with family it does not always stay an argument for long. Dakota told me, “My family argues at the most random of times, but we laugh about it five minutes later because when it’s family you get passed the little things because you love one another and purposefully do and say things to piss them off because you know that it will be funny and it won’t matter five minutes into the future.” This is the truth when comparing the two conversational styles between friends and family this is the biggest difference. This concept just promotes that family is forever and friends come and go.

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