False Sense Of Reality Formed By Shu Yueh Lee Essay

False Sense Of Reality Formed By Shu Yueh Lee Essay

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False Sense of Reality Formed By the Media
In a 1998 study done by George Gerbner researching TV effects on individuals, Gerbner & his colleagues found that TV is a message system that “cultivates or creates a worldview that although inaccurate becomes reality…” (Baran & Davis) Television dominates a large part of individual’s worldview, which becomes troublesome when shows such as reality TV shows dominate TV screens and advertise themselves as depictions of real life. The media is a vital part of constructing reality and these shows direct viewers to seek happiness by attaining an unrealistic ideal of beauty (Lee). In a study by Shu-Yueh Lee researching the effect of reality TV on cosmetic surgery and beauty, Lee found that the desire for cosmetic surgery increased 98% from 2000 to 2012. In reality TV transformation shows the individuals are often depicted as sad and unhappy with life, at that moment they get a makeover or transform their appearance and leave with a new happy life, as if all their problems have become solved by their appearance. According to cultivation theory the more a viewer watches TV the more they recognize it in accordance with real life. (Vonderen & Kinnally) Consequently when viewers are repeatedly seeing this ideal of beauty equaling a happy life it becomes a reality. In lee’s study viewers of reality TV plastic surgery shows “ tended to believe that physical attractive people had greater privileges in social relations, romantic relations, and careers and perceived greater benefits of undergoing cosmetic surgery, including enhancing self-esteem, happiness, social and romantic relations, and competitiveness in job markets.” It was noted that many surgeons have been finding patients who have unrealisti...

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...g the body/beauty related effects such eating disorders, body image issues, and seeing beauty as a priority however it would be interesting to further examine the change of personality, values, or mindset. Some studies lightly touched on this but deeper studies would be interesting to see.
In addition, there lacked in depth research in social media’s influence. In recent years, social media has become a prominent force in the lives of women in this generation and has become a primary source for news, social activities, advertising, and commentary. Particularly in the world of women, social media has become a hub for everything from fit body campaigns to feminist movements, the effects of this would be fascinating to research. Year by year the role the media plays only develops, the long term effects it has on woman as a culture must be no less than significant.

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